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The Hamptons-Nakuru, something different and vast. Username Investment Limited brings to you the one in a million opportunity to invest in and guaranteed of a dime. The Hamptons is everything good you can think of about land and characterised by a great terrain, spectacular views, accessible, affordable, great neighborhood, developed, all you can ask for in land investment. It is all about grandeur, think panoramic views with posh estates towering the lush green fields.

Username investment as has always been a tradition of trust, is offering you an opportunity to own a 50 X 100 plot at an unbelievable price of only Ksh. 399,000, despite the pricey rates in the area. The property is not only well priced but you are also being given a flexible & friendly payment plan of up to 12 months. Better still, this price includes legal fees, stamp duty and title processing fees.Click here for more information .


Ngong Breeze Sunrise


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